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This records that we are still alive, that the mailing list is still functional, and that we have had a number of members join this year. These include, to name only a few:

Gabor Szabo from Hungary, well known as a Perl Trainer, and famously noted as the originator of Padre, the Perl IDE as well as the force behind Perl Maven. Perl Weekly, and

Shlomi Fish from Israel, a Perl programmer and activist, is to be found busy on the perl-beginners mailing list and every where else on behalf of Perl.

Revence Kalibwani from Uganda runs the group.


There has been considerable discussion on the perl mongers pm_group about the dismal results of Google searches for perl tutorials.

Results at the top of the list include what are considered to be among the poorer and dated tutorials to be found. The top Google results include no examples of current perl coding best practice. In an effort to counter this, individual perl monger groups are asked to provide links to a list of preferred perl tutorials on their web sites. We now have added a page of 'approved' sites that feature more modern perl, best practices.

It is important to keep up with Perl news and developments. There is a mass of Perl on the internet, too much for many of us to keep up with. We give a listing of sites that aggregate the latest information into digestible chunks.


We are alive again, this point marks our first access to the web site for 7 years! Those of you who are part of the ZA diaspora are especially requested to join with us on our mailing list.


Following the announcement on 1 June ( see below ) I have posted an initial article/tutorial to see if the format etc. is OK with the list members. This is not the final document yet, but I want to see if I'm on the right track. This is in line with the Open Source philosophy of "release early, release often". Comments are welcome - please use our mailing list.


Ok, it's the start of a new month, and I think we have reached the point where we can actually start to do things :)

At this stage I want to propose the following: we decide on certain focus areas, and based on a 'call for papers' style of working, we get some volunteer articles on a subject matter, and then publish the papers on this site, for discussion on the mailing list - together with any other usual questions you might have, of course.

I see it go something like this: we decide which topics should be focused on in the medium term ( next 3 to 4 months or so ). Who ever feels they want to, can then write a short 'article' or tech-paper on the topic, and mail it directly to me. I will publish it on this site, and post a general announcement to the list. The list members then read the paper/article, and we discuss it on the list. After a couple of months/weeks I will archive those discussions separately from the main archive. In that way we build up a resource that even newbies can start to use.

Please join us on the mailing list, and give your opinions on this idea.


WOW ! The marketing paid off this week, and we are now 40 odd members strong. This is a bit more than I expected - but who's complaining :)

From 20 May to 27 May 2003 I will be away for a Open Source Seminar in Helsinki. Subscribers and new members - behave!


I have started some PR, at this stage mainly on the GLUG Mailing list. I reckon there should be sufficient Perl interest in the local Linux community to boost our numbers.

We have up to now only 7 subscribed users. Please people - help me get the word out!


It seems there is life here afterall :) Anyway, still not much new around here. At this stage we have the mailing list ready and the basic site structure, so we can start to market this site now.

Please familiarize yourself with our aim, goals and objectives before you subscribe to our mailing list, or before you recommend us to a friend.

Well, that's all for now. The updates on this site will be slow and low volume as most will happen on this mailing list. I am looking forward to see you there !


This site will shortly evolve in a comprehensive Perl resource for south africans. in the mean time you may join our mailing list here:

see you around...

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