- perl mongers of south africa



The aim of is to bring together an organised forum of Perl programmers in South Africa to advocate and educate programmers in the latest Perl programming techniques and discuss relevant localised issues surrounding the Perl Language.

Goals and Objectives

  • Establish and maintain a mailing list
  • Advocate
  • Build a comprehensive resource directory
  • Discuss the latest issues on Perl
  • Help new comers to Perl find the way


Perl is a fascinating and powerfull programming language that is easy to learn and runs on a large proportion of modern Operating Systems, including Linux, BSD, Windows, OS-X, MS-DOS, Free-DOS, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX to name just a couple.

I belief that Perl is not properly recognised in South Africa as a Programming Language and my reason is based on the fact that there is virtually no ( that I know of - anyway ) training offered anywhere for Perl. Even in Universities, which is the perfect candidate for this language, you will not any Perl courses. That is sad...

But why bother with Perl in the first place? I will later produce a propper advocacy page to concentrate on this specific question, but here is the shortlist:

  • Perl is Open Source
  • Runs on multiple platforms
  • Most common CGI programming interface
  • Easy to learn
  • OO based
  • Integrates into C
  • A huge collection of modules ( CPAN )
  • Powerfull Text Parsing
  • Valuable tool in system administration
  • Easy and powerfull database interface
  • Easy GUI development with Tk
  • A true cross platform programming language - highly portable
  • Supports multi-threading. Cool for building cluster applications
  • No compiling needed. You just copy your script to another machine and execute
  • You can use just about any text editor to code Perl

As time goes by I will add more items to the list and start to write-up some paragraphs on each item. Any person will in the end of the day be able to use this information to promote Perl in their environment.

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