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We give here a number of links to Perl tuition that are accepted as good current practice by the Perl community.
Many of the links referred by major search engines are historical, dated, and not representative of good modern coding practice.
Perl Mongers group leaders worldwide and other parties involved in Perl tuition have compiled this list as representative of good modern Perl practice.

Perl tutorials aims to provide a comprehensive listing of good Perl tutorials available online. Guidelines are given for selecting good tutorials as well as a listing of recommended tutorials.
Perl tutorials A comprehensive site dedicated to tuition, provides comprehensive Perl tutorials and other resources.
Modern Perl Book Update your Perl 5 syntax with this modern classic by Chromatic. This is available in printed and electronic formats.
Perl Maven Tutorials An ongoing work in progress by Perl trainer Gabor Szabo which provides beginner and advanced Perl tutorials. Online tutorials are free, video presentations of these are available for purchase.
Perl Beginners Site Tutorials The mission of is to provide Perl newcomers with the most high-quality and accessible material and references for learning the Perl progrmaming language as easily, as accurately and as efficiently as possible. The site is run by Shlomi Fish.


We give here a number of links to Perl news that can keep you uptodate with the minimum expenditure of time!

Perl news Top headline Perl news.
Perlsphere Aggregated Perl news Claims the world's biggest collection of Perl blogs.
Ironman Aggregated Perl news The Enlightened Perl Org. gives space to a selection of Perl posts in many languages.
Perl Buzz, news collection A longstanding online selection of the latest blogs, posts, happenings, etc.
Perl Weekly news A easily digestable weekly email listing of top picks from Gabor Szabo, also available online.